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Welcome to the enchanting world of 'vins vivants' – living wines crafted by passionate vignerons on vibrant lands. Our vintners, who either nurture their own fruit or source from trusted friends, embrace minimal intervention to honour the soil and its ecosystem profoundly. By adopting organic or biodynamic practices, and allowing spontaneous fermentation with only natural yeasts, they capture the essence of terroir – a true reflection of time, place, and nature's harmony.

Rejecting harsh industrial chemicals, our winemakers draw on ancestral wisdom to tread lightly on the earth, producing wines that are not just beverages, but stories of their origins – naked, emotional, and brimming with life.


We're thrilled to introduce you to these authentic expressions of nature and to share the joys of our recent collaborations. Join us in celebrating the purity of wine, where each bottle is a testament to truth and tradition. 

In vino veritas

Nico & Chris
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